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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rubber stamp

I'm not really expect in craving stamp, just try to carve my own rubber stamp and make something new for my craft needs. Kenapa tak beli?? Fuu, mahal oo... Mango was the one who expect in this craft. Really talented lady and neat in her works. Maybe next time I can order from her for my label Sweetlilcraft Shop >_<

And..this is my new rubber stamp..
Not really neat. Actually, its really difficult to make. No wonder it expensive.
I use versa craft ink for fabric and paper. Just bought it last weekend at Craft Haven.

Wanna some coffee and cake? ^-^
These are my forth and fifth rubber stamps. Use really cheap ink ~_^ .

These are my tools and rubber stamps. Love shape was the first thing I carved and then the flower and chicken.
It a cheap carving tool, cannot carved on eraser or rubber because it not sharp enough. So, i just used the knife. That why, it not easy for me to carve at the round shape u_u. But nevermind..it just for me to use it >_<
Last, the erasers..only the cheap one ^o^

Thanks to Mairuru for her toturial. It inspired me to make my own rubber stamp ^_^

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