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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diaper bag and Toiletries pouch

This is diapers bag for Yanti.
Hope she like it. I put gusset on the left and right, so it come out in square shape.
It also not easy like others and my first ever attempt making this pattern so it not 100% perfect but I'm still happy when it done.
My husband love this pattern.
In future, I need much more details and practices on this pattern.

It have 5 pockets inside.

Toiletries pouch, only one pouch but have two and different name on it.
Nadine & Murni.
For this pattern, its need to re-size to become much more bigger and we could put anything like doreamon's pocket (~_^).
Until then, wait for my tutorial on the next post.

Thank you very much for reading(* v *)!!

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