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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Handbag Hanis Husna

I'm sorry that you have been waiting too long.
This bag was ordered by Hanis.

2 pockets inside and one zipper pocket at the back.
I used magnetic snap button as closure.

That flower can be remove or put at other place because I put brooch pin at the back.
Hope you like it >_<


  1. nak beg macam ni boleh tak? nak tahu harga :) sy tahu tempahan ditutup skrg..bila2 saya dtg mlwt sini lg :)

  2. Harga RM40-45..tq,jemputla dtg lg :)

  3. wahh...so nice la this bag..the pattern ..the colour, fall in love da ni... nanti2 nak tempah la...