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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cherry Berry Wallet

This wallet was ordered by PAES. A lot of things she had ordered from me. Thank you so much Paes. May Allah bless you ^_^
She ordered this wallet for her friend, Inasaly.
Hope both of you like it ^_^
Already posted for her today.


  1. Lovely..Hope i could sew as neat as u soon :)

    *My mum would definitely love those cherries

  2. It's me again. That day when i saw your floral wallet, i was inspired to try the tutorial(by verypurpleperson tu). Tapi last minit tukar tutorial lain coz x confident nk buat binding tu.

    How to end the top & end of the binding cz bind kat tepi 2 je kan? Kalu potong terus mesti berbulu kan?

    Harap dpt explain. TQVM :)

  3. tq so much :).mula2 sy pun sama gak.

    tp binding tu jgn potong terus, lipat elok2 hujungnya biar kemas dan jahit.god luck,insyaallah.. boleh :)

  4. tantekla wakkk... huishhh... bile la nak bole test menjahit nih... teringin nak buat untuk diri sendiri...

  5. kalau nak order, berapa ringgit wallet ni?

  6. sweetlilcraft

    sy tringin nk bli ^^V
    bpe ye hrge?

  7. reena,work reena pun class,thanks dear:)

    matadore-satu rm27-rm35.depend pd fabric dan hiasan