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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crochet Flower Hair Clips

Hi, I manage to crochet a few flowers during watching television with Amjad. Belum terfikir nak jual, I'm just having fun with it :wink: . Now, I'm trying to crochet amigurimi..haha, kalau jadi. Tapi sekarang sibuk lagi dengan tempahan beg. So, tunggulah bila ada masa yang sesuai.

Tadaa..ok tak? These hair clips already arrived at Pahang as gift for two daughters of my best friend. Really hope they will love it ^^. I thought I want to give something for their mother too. Hemm, maybe next time. Biasalah memanjang je tak sempat.

Ohya, stay tune for next entry. I'll have something to giving away to one lucky winner.. v-v !!


  1. comel..

    crochet ni..lom terbuka hati lg nak mencuba..rasanya zaman bdk2 dulu penah je try mengait..

  2. leh try, nti boleh buat hair clip :)

  3. Cantik crochet hair clip! Ayu ni talented la!

  4. tq yati, alhamdulillah..bolehlah sikit2 :)

  5. all da best with amigurumi....heheheeh