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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sewing For Beginner Ebook

I've had pretty hectic day. Last night I slept at 1 a.m and wake up in the morning to continue sewing on small pouches. I got back pain and it made me feel really tired.

But I still need to open my blog and find something new for my craft.  Then, I've  found something for new beginner in sewing. It is sewing e-book which you can learn to sew with sewing patterns. Maybe it will be useful for  some of my friends who like to sew but not have any experience. What a good news is it all FREE ^^!! You can download here or just go to www.favecrafts.com to get more free craft projects and decorating ideas.

This e-book included  how to make pin cushions, pillows, bags, clothing and home decor.  You also can download by click on the link below:

Download the SEWING FOR BEGINNERS eBook for free [pdf]

Happy crafting and sewing ^^!!


  1. tqvm....for sharing this...may Allah bless u..

  2. as'kum...sharing is caring thanks ayu..take it easy yer..kesihatan kena jaga juga..

  3. sama-sama sha :) May Allah bless you too :)

  4. Salam ummi, sama2 ummi. Insyaallah, hujung ,minggu ni nak pergi release tension :)

  5. Salam, thanks for sharing :) sangat menarikkk