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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Inside with 8 pockets

At the back of purse-zipper pocket to keep coins

This is my first attempt to sew a purse or wallet.
Its really difficult actually, especially during to sew on bulky area. It made the purse not really neat.
I also need to careful in arranging the pockets inside the purse. If not, it will fold together when we fold the purse.
I'll try and try again until I get something like this:-

Hopefully ^^
Wish me luck ~
Oh ya, that purse is for Na. Sorry na, I'll make better next time ^^ . xoxo ~


  1. Cantik purse yang dijahit. Congratulations on the finish.

  2. tahniah3! sgt kemas!

  3. wee wat wallet mmg mencbr sket.. skin kalo wat pon skt jiwa je slalu hee

  4. Yati-Ish, byk lagi kena perbaiki.

    Wan- takde kemas sgt pun.

    skin- Mmg susahkan wat wallet ni kan..sakit jiwa gak.hahaha :03