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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shop is Open

Alhamdulillah, hari ini 7hb April bersamaan dengan 11 Rabiulakhir 1430H dengan kudrat dari Ilahi saya dapat membuka kedai maya saya yang pertama.
Produk yang dihasilkan adalah hasil dari kerja tangan saya sendiri. Insyaallah, lebih banyak produk yang akan dihasilkan dengan kualiti yang lebih baik. Sebarang tempahan atau pertanyaan, boleh email kepada saya.

Everything is handmade with joy and love from me. Much more designs and products will coming soon!!
Any customize order or inquiries, please email to me.
Feel free and enjoy shopping with Sweetlilcraft Shop Smile


I do customized orders for pencil box, boxy pouch for keep your coins, cosmetics or etc, tote bag, fabric handbag, coin purse and wallet. Any inquiries, just drop me a mail. ^^

Step by step for Custom Order:

1. Please choose your fabric.
2. Please choose what type of custom orders you want. You can see my craft here.
3. Let me know your special request like ribbon, button, yoyo, zipper, extra pocket or anything *price will be differ based on embellishment.

Pencil Box or Boxy Pouch



Simple design
RM16 - RM 20 *





Zipper pouch/pencil box
Hand embroidery name

Can put your stationery or toiletries
RM23 - RM25*

Fabric Handbag

Size : 11" x 17"
Strap: 17"
three pockets and one zipper pocket at the back.
(size can be differ based on your order)
RM 40 - RM60*

Diapers Bag

Pattern DB-D

3-5 large pockets inside
2 side pockets ( right and left)
Saiz: 12" x 14"
RM60 - RM80*

Purse or Wallet

8 pockets
1 zipper pocket
RM25 - RM35*

Tote Bag

11" x 14" 0r depend on you.
zipper or magnetic snap button

Pyramid Coin Purse

RM3 - RM5*

*price will be differ based on embellishment, fabric, design and size.


  1. Tahniah!! Looking forward to see more from you! I love your crafts!!

  2. akak! sy pny cita2 nak jadi cm akak gak! but sy nak bukak kdai. sy bru form4. Gle trujalah tgk blog ni. Can u plz teach me? nak tau kisah cne blh smp sni. I wanna be ur fren. PLS3....